Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bye Bye Wideman...Warning: This trade makes no fucking sense

The Bruins began their team makeover today by sending streaky(to put it kindly) defenseman Dennis Wideman to the lowly Florida Panthers for disgruntled winger Nathan Horton and forward Gregory Campbell. The Bruins also sent the 15th overall pick in Friday's draft to Florida.

This trade doesn't make much sense at all. The Bruins trade Wideman to Florida. Ok. We receive Horton who can score. Ok. Receive the son of league discplinarian(Campbell). Ok. Then send the 15th overall pick to Florida? That makes no sense. Wideman and another later pick should have been enough to get those two players. Like the guy asked to be traded aka trade value goes down. (The reason why the Patriots won't trade Logan Mankins). Bruins GM Petey Chiarelli just gives away the 15th overall pick after declaring he was looking to move it earlier this week. I don't get this. The Bruins need more help than just Seguin or Hall. You need that 15th pick to get a defenseman still. There is talk we will now move back into the first round by dealing one of centers to make room for Seguin if Hall goes first overall to Edmonton. Just another puzzling move by the Bruins. In better news, we got rid of this schmuck.

and got this one

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