Monday, June 14, 2010

Mankins wants to be traded

Pats all pro offensive lineman Logan Mankins has said in a phone interview that he wants to be traded. Mankins is a restricted free agent this off-season and has until 11:59 et tonight to sign his tender of 3.26 million. After that point, the Patriots can reduce the tender to 1.54 million if they wish to do so. I wouldn't expect them to do since Mankins is clearly already pretty pissed.

Mankins said in the interview ""At this point, I'm pretty frustrated, from everything that's happened and the way negotiations have gone,I want to be traded. I don't need to be here any more." Everyone can see Mankins' point of view here as he deserves to be paid for his play and has always been a model citizen in New England. There also has been reports that he wants a similar deal to Saint guard Jahri Evans.

Evans, a Pro Bowl guard, signed a seven-year, $56.7 million contract with the Saints in May, a deal with an average annual value of just over $8 million.

The Boston Globe reported that, according to a league source, the Patriots' last offer to Mankins was worth approximately $7 million per season.

After reading these facts, Mankins just seems idiotic. He went on in the interview to say the Patriots broke their word on him and are awful human beings. You 're talking about eight million dollars in a 60 million dollar contract as the difference. The Patriots don't just give away that money especially with Tom Brady and Randy Moss in the final year of their contracts.

Mankins needs to shut up and take the money or sign the tender. His talk to the media just diminishes his trade value. If he really wanted to be traded, he should have made those demands quietly to the Patriots. He has no value now. We all know how it will end. Mankins will sign for 7.5 million per season with a bonus in there to cover the rest. Mankins needs to stop acting like the Patriots stopped all negotiations with him and whining to the media. I was just waiting for the Ty Law " I gotta feed my family" line from him. Shutup and play or the Patriots will offer you the 1.54 million reduced tender and play someone else all year.

Update- The Patriots sliced their tender offer to 53% of the original value down to 1.54 million. According to the Boston Globe, Mankins has had an offer that would pay him 7 million dollars over 5 years on the table for a significant period of time. I was right. Mankins was offered a fair contract that I am sure he could have counter offered at and had the Patriots consider it. He is being a drama queen now. The Patriots won't budge off the 7 million number now that he has gone to the media.

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