Monday, July 19, 2010

Kovalchuk signs 17 year deal with Devils...

The year will be 2027. Hybrid cars will considered inefficient and garbage. Our HD TVs will be mocked by our kids. If you are a college student now, you will be 35. Also Ilya Kovalchuk will be finishing his deal with the New Jersey Devils that he signed today. That is ridiculous deal. Apparently, it is made mostly for cap reasons where only his average salary over the course of the contract count toward the cap so he can make 12 million next year but only have six count against the cap and the Devils will buy out his deal at the end of the deal when he is 40+ for the last five seasons. I don't care how it makes sense it is still nuts and I am bored so I am writing about it. Deal with it.

Update- NHL commish Gary Bettman rejected the deal citing that it circumvents the salary cap rules.

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