Sunday, July 11, 2010

This is ridiculous

This is ridiculous. I saw this and was just in shock. My first thought was no way in hell is this real. The sad part is that it is. The Miami Heat and the so-called "Big Three" turned this free agent signing period into something that should be on MTV not ESPN. I will say it is probably the strongest free agent class of all time. I just don't see the need to come up through the stage like Michael Jackson on the Thriller tour. This is ridiculous. You took less money to win. Ok. You also broke numerous rules about speaking together to come together and build a dynasty. Bosh messes up at one point and says him and LeBron had been speaking for months of coming together. I can look past these as the NBA will too because of the publicity these signings are generating and the number of seats it will sell. The endorsements will also be ridiculous because the NBA is all about money. The fucking idiots dont need to come out and rap about how they just signed contracts. It is fucking retarded. Have a news conference like everyone else. I am sure Wade would have been fine with that since he is easily the most likable of the three. Bosh and LeBron love attention. LeBron had to have his one hour special where everything was handpicked by him and then during the interview talk about his childhood was so tough blah blah not given anything blah. Hey LeBron, you have never earned a thing in this league. You can't win a title on your own so you moved to South Beach to get one with Wade and Bosh. You are a choke artist and want to be able to just pass to Wade with the game on the line. I give these three clowns a month into the season before they start fighting over who has more points. Lebron and Bosh can go fuck themselves. Wade is going to wish he went to Chicago with Boozer,Rose,Deng, and Co. This is ridiculous and I can't wait for them to go 70-12 in the regular season before losing to a team with chemisty in the playoffs(read Magic/Celtics...lakers still sucks ).

This is how big thees should be announced.

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