Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bills release Schobel...NE Bound? Ellsbury finally back

The Bills officially have released veteran defensive end Aaron Schobel today. This provides him the opportunity to retire or sign with another team. Schobel's agent, Jeff Nalley, told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that Schobel intends to play in 2010. Some think he will sign with a team close to his Houston home but he is really a player the Pats need to strongly consider going after hard. He has the most sacks of Tom Brady by any active player(12). Bill Belichick would not tip his hand the past few days about his position. This is expected as coach never gives away anything to oppositions. The move makes too much sense though as the Patriots have a history of signing or going after guys who have killed them in the past( read Wes Welker, Jason Taylor). This is a development to watch in coming days as the Pats look to bolster their pass rush which is the thinnest position on the roster.

Also, Jacoby Ellsbury returns to the Sox lineup tonight after 4546337 days on the DL for broken ribs. He will play center and lead-off. Ellsbury has been the center of controversy ever since he was mis-diagnosed by the Sox originally. Then took so long as he used Native American healing powers and herbs instead of modern medicine(just kidding...kinda.) The guy took four months to heal from broken ribs. Pocohontas could have healed faster and she is a woman.

Tito is the big talking tree here

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