Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brett Favre and Other Football News

So the time has finally come for Brett Favre to retire..... from training camp, but shall return for the regular season. I seriously think that he will be back and in action for the Vikings. The guy loves the game too much. I personally started to hate the guy ever since he started this retiring thing and coming back thing. Do us all a big favor and retire

The biggest other football story has to do with contracts around the whole NFL. Let's starts in the AFC. The Pats, Colts and Jets need to re-up on their best players (Brady, Manning, Revis) as soon as possible for a large amount of money. I strongly believe each one of them deserve the money that they deserve.

Fat Albert needs to drop some LBS so he can play again. Stop crying and play hard or go home.

Also, I hate the Cowboys more than any team. I dislike; I hate him. I certainly believe that they will not do shit this year. ROMO = HOMO, seriously I hate this team. If I could I would burn down that disaster of a stadium. I rather live in Fenway Park being a Yankee fan than ever see a game there in Texas (worst state in union).

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