Sunday, August 8, 2010

NFL Induction Ceremony

So I have no life, seriously, at a cousin kids party all day but when you say free food I am there. So I was watching the induction ceremony and had some quick thoughts.

1. What the fuck! Floyd Little should have been in the Hall of Fame like 20 years ago, seriously.

2. Jerry Rice should have been last just cause I hate E. Smith

3. Emmitt get a hold of yourself, crying about Moose Johnson.

4. Props to NFL for picking up Chris Berman to do this shit, NOT! That guy is a jackass. Go kill yourself.

5. Cant wait until Next Year. My favorite football player ever, and I mean ever is going to get inducted as a 1st ballot hall of famer, my man, Curtis Martin of the New York Jets. I grew up watching this guy and will say that nobody can run like he did.

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