Thursday, August 12, 2010

Winners/Losers from Pats v.Saints

Here is a quick breakdown of the game with some guys that stood out in positive and negative ways.

1. Julian Edelman-Guy stole the show tonight with six catches for 90 yards along with two solid punt returns
2. Tom Brady/first offensive unit- The unit looked good overall putting 10 first quarter points on the board. Brady was effective going 5/8 for 67 yards, with 30 of it going to Moss.
3. Brain Hoyer- The second year backup looked good behind Brady and lead the offense up and down the field on numerous occasions.
4. Brandon Spikes- Spikes lead the team with 8 tackles and seemed right at home in the Patriots defense.
5. Pat Chung, Terrence Wheatley- These two young second round picks had 7 and 6 tackles respectively and stood out in a positive way as they looby for playing time in the secondary.
6. Zoltan Mesko- The rookie punter put three inside the 20 and still had a solid 43.8 YPP average.
7. Devin McCourty- Had two kickoff returns over midfield


1. Jonathan Wilhite- It seemed like he got his name mentioned for the wrong reasons tonight. He missed some tackles
2. Darius Butler- Butler still looks to be a starting corner but had a costly illegal contact on a fourth down in the second quarter.
3. Kick off coverage team- The Saints had a 97 yard return for a touchdown in the third which will not be acceptable to the hooded one. You can't say the backup coverage unit was in either because it is made up of back ups. Brady and Moss don't cover kicks.

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