Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hockey East Weekend Breakdown

New Brunswick def. UMass 4-3 OT
Acadia def. Northeastern 3-2
UNH tied SFX 2-2
BU def. Toronto 9-3

Lowell def. SFX 3-0
Maine def. Acadia 5-1
BC def. Toronto 8-0
New Brunswick def. Vermont 3-2

For what it's worth I think these results more or less bear out my predictions for this year--
BC-Very Good
BU, Maine--Good
Everyone else--Bad

Lowell was the only team defying my expectations. I wouldn't have thought they'd shut out a team that UNH struggled to tie last night. Who knows, maybe they'll crawl closer to midpack than I thought this year.

Nationally, Michigan tied Mercyhurst? Seriously? I'd be inclined to move them down the national contenders list a bit after blowing that 4-1 lead Saturday night.

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