Monday, October 4, 2010

Holland Gets Recognition Among Top Players in The Northeast

Excellent college basketball blog Rush The Court recently began a series highlighting some college players to watch by region, starting with the northeast. Although he didn't crack the top 6 (among players like UConn's Kemba Walker, BC's (BOOOOOOO) Joe Trapani and 'Cuse's Fab Melo and Kris Joseph), guess who fell into the "near-misses" category of the 7th and 8th featured players in the region?

Who else but our own John Holland!

Other AmEast players mentioned (needless to say below Holland) included UNH's Alvin Abreu (what?), Maine's Gerald MacLemore (ok, he's dec for the AE), Binghoodton's Greer Wright (fine, he's legit), SBU's Tommy Brenton and Bryan Dougher (yeah they're ok but good luck playing with that knee Brenton) and UHart's Joe Zieglinski (LOL).

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