Monday, November 29, 2010

BU remains at #2 in new USCHO.COM poll

Our Terriers remained at #2 in the nation this week despite a 4-4 tie with Brown over the weekend. Yale jumped up in points from #3 and now share the #2 ranking with the Terriers after their 5-1 victory of notorious hockey powerhouse Sacred Heart (that is sarcasm... Sacred Heart blows). The rest of the top ten shakes out as listed below. This shapes up to make the BU/BC home and home this weekend not only important in HE but also nationally as the #2 Terriers take on the #8 Eagles Friday and Saturday night. Both games are at 7:30 and televised live on the CBS college network. The Terriers look to get some wins(instead of ties) and open up a lead in Hockey East standings leading into the break. Go BU! BC sucks! Poll
1. UMD-11-1-2- Minnesota-Duluth remains very very good and easily the #1 team in the nation.
2.BU- 7-1-5- The Terriers look to avoid more ties and head into a big weekend the Boston pretenders down Comm. Ave.
2. Yale-8-1- All they do is study and play shitty schools in hockey.
4.Nebraska-Omaha 9-2-1- There is nothing better to do out there besides pick corn so they better be good at hockey.
5.UNH 7-2-4 -Drive their houses to each road game and tend to struggle because of it. They are very very good at home though.
6. Miami 9-4-3
7. North Dakota-9-5-2
8. BC-9-5-0- Newton College is #8 heading into the BU weekend where they are going to get smoked both nights and fall down a few spots a week from today.
9. Maine-6-3-3
10. Denver-10-4-2
Other notables
16.RPI 6-3-3
18. Merrihack-5-3-4- They remain #18 after beating BC at home and losing to UNH on the road over the weekend. All their fans will probably blame the officiating for actually calling penalties when they shove guys head first into the boards.

The INCH power rankings vary a little as they dropped BU to #4 because of all the ties recently but honestly these guys' opinions don't fucking matter.
1. UMD
2. Yale
3. Nebraska-Omaha
5. Maine
6. North Dakota

13. BC- These guys really hate those girls down in Newton. I love it! Go BU!

USA Today poll here
-This poll is very similar to the USCHO but they rank our Terriers at #3 instead of #2.

The Pairwise rankings are also here. These are more important because this is what the selection committee goes by in March to choose the 10 at large teams to the tournament.

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