Saturday, November 13, 2010

BU Skates to Another Tie, 3-3 with Merrimack

For the second straight night, your BU Terriers played to a tie with the Warriors of Merrimack. This tie, however, was a little more impressive down the stretch. The Mack put in 2 first period goals before BU's Wade Megan got BU on the board in the final minutes of the first frame. Merrimack extended its lead in the second, and BU went into the locker room down 3-1 after two. However, BU found a way to pull it together with two third period goals - one by Chris Connolly (4th in last 5 games) and the other by Corey Trivino. Kieran Millan also pulled it together in the third, turning away many Merrimack chances to extend/take the lead.

While a tie is definitely not what this Terrier squad wanted (nor its fans, if they are like us here at the blog), you have to take what you can get (shout-out to my girlfriend) when it comes to playing Merrimack at home. They always play better at home, and I'm pretty sure they are 8-0-2 in their last ten games at Lawler Arena. Even BC went into Merrimack and came away with a defeat. Plus, you have to be impressed with how this Terrier team weathered the Merrimack storm early. Even though we may not have been playing our best hockey, you knew Merrimack was going to come out firing at home to add with their usual chippy (read: cowardly) style of play. And sure enough, they come out and score 2 in the first and 1 in the second. To our guys' credit, they hung on, kept it close and then poured it on in the 3rd.

Unfortunately, we couldn't make the trek up to Merrimack to give you guys first hand knowledge of the action. QuackQuack's dad may have made it up there, in which case we will provide you with the expertise he has for us. But from the account of the Boston Hockey Blog, the officiating in tonight's game was poor. We did have more powerplays than they did, but it seems like the refs were letting all of Merrimack's post whistle pushing/shoving/etc. go. Obviously that's frustrating for our guys, and from all accounts Coach Parker let the refs have it. But somebody needs to keep Merrimack's crap in check, since their coaches clearly have no problem letting their players play dirty.

Anyways, BU skates back in action next weekend for a home and home against UNH. When the press conferences come out we will have them for you, as well as any potential notes from QuackQuack the elder.

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