Monday, November 22, 2010

BU stays at #2 in poll...BC starts to climb up top ten

Our Terriers remain at #2 in the poll this week after a split with now #6 UNH this past weekend. While the Terriers suffered their first loss, it was at UNH and they rebounded with a convincing home victory to keep their national standing solid. The rest of the top ten is fairly constant from a week ago with the only big drop coming from Maine who was swept down in Newton this weekend and looked very human on both ends of the ice making John Muse look like Jim Craig against the USSR in 1980. Maine dropped from 3 to 10 but look for them to bounce back and as I have said about BC...they will be in the top ten come March and April when the games really count. Here is the rest of the top ten and a little break down for you.

1. Minnesota-Duluth(11-1-2)- The Bulldogs received 49 of the 50 first place votes after their two OT wins at #16 Wisconsin which is not an easy place to play.
2.BU(7-1-4)- The Terriers split with #6 UNH with the home team taking each game as many expected. BU plays the surging Brown Bears this Saturday who have one of the best power plays in the nation that should test Kieran Millan the Terrier defense.
3. Yale(7-1-0)- Those smart sons of bitches took two on the road this weekend beating both Cornell and Colgate and starting to earn their ranking.
4. Nebraska-Omaha(9-2-1)- Lost a tough one Friday night vs. North Dakota but bounce back to steal one Sat night with .3 seconds left on the clock.
5. Miami(8-3-3)- They swept Bowling Green to get back on track in CCHA play.
6. UNH(6-2-3)- A split with BU is what was expected and moved them up one spot in the polls as Maine free falls. Probably not what their coach wanted since he is a dick and gives no one credit but blames his own team if they lose. Probably why they choke in clutch games every year.
7. (N)BC(8-4-0)- The pansies took two from Maine this weekend at home which is impressive and helps them climb back into the polls and gear up for the BU/BC weekend in two weeks. They face Merrimack and UVM this weekend though(Each has accounted for one of BC's losses so ar.
8. Michigan(8-3-3)- The Wolverines took two against Lake Superior State and now gear up for a couple against rivals Wisconsin and Minnesota this weekend in a tournament.
9. North Dakota(8-5-1)- Splitting a pair at Omaha is not the end of the world for the Fighting Sioux as they look to to take a couple from those Catholic fucks out in Indiana this weekend(aka Notre Dame).
10. Maine(6-3-3)- Losing two in Newton is not what is expected from the #3 team in the nation. Lay off the moonshine Black Bears.

Other notables(10-20)
#18 Merrimack College- Yeah my bff Mike McMahon over at Warrior Rink Rat is probably having a field day over the national ranking for the first time like ever but the facts are they barely got by Lowell this past weekend. Overrated much? They higher up they go the harder they will fall when they lose a couple in a row in March

Receiving Votes
Providence - Providence only got one point on the weekend but I think they make a push for the polls again before the season is up.
Brown- The Bears are 3-2-1 on the season but haven't played anyone out of the ECAC yet so we will see what they are made of this weekend when they come into Agganis Arena.

Here are the INCH power rankings too if you wish to read more. Not much different than the polls besides their love of Union for some reason and their hatred of BC which I fully support.
Here are some notables in their power rankings:
1. UMD
2. BU
3. Yale
4. Nebraska-Omaha
6. North Dakota
7. UNH
10. Union
12. BC
17. Merrimack

- I would also like to take the time to welcome Raymundo to the blog. Redd10 is correct when he says he will use better grammar than me but so does my dog. I don't give a fuck about grammar. I just go 4-0 on weekends on my gambling and count the bills on Monday. Anyway, Raymundo should contribute plenty to the blog about BU hockey and will surely be coming to plenty of games in the future to hopefully meet the rest of the blog team because I don't think he has met anyone in person besides me. Redd10 likes to act like he went looking for new bloggers and this rigorous interview process that he sat down with guys. Don't let him fool was my idea and we only require a positive test on a drug sample to write(yeah positive like you're on drugs). Hope you enjoy! As always BC sucks look for reasons why to be released in the days leading up the BU/BC weekend in less than two weekends. Our boy Tiger usually finds pretty inventive insults.


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