Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Friday so you know what that means...Money in the bank locks of the week!

So I went 2-1 last week with the over/under not going my way so I am going to avoid that shit from now on. I am now 7-4 overall though which means you would be making money by listening to me somehow. Yes my win NCAA game was a win by a half a point as Michigan won by 13 with 13.5 line but hey a win is a win. Sunday was a little more comfortable as Carolina sucks so Tampa had their way with them. I am also going to start doing one or two college basketball games for the upcoming week as these seasons start going full force. I am hot right so here is some easy cash for you this weekend.

Wisconsin @ Michigan(+4)- Yes, I am going with a Big Ten game this week. I will never pick the same team twice in a season so guess who I am going with here. That is right. Wisconsin is coming off an 83-20 win over Indiana. Yes, 83 points. They had over 300 yards of offense rushing the football alone. This week they go into the Big House and stomp all over Michigan's young defense who had trouble stopping people all year until I took the over last week of course. I think Wisconsin continues their offensive success with their 8th ranked offense(40.8 ppg) and 23 rd ranked defense(19.5ppg) keeps Denard Robinson in check for the most part and Wisconsin wins by 10-14 points. Wisconsin has two running backs(J. Clay-929,J. White-714) who could break the 1000 yard mark this season and a QB(S. Tolzien) who has 12 TD passes to lead the air attack. Michigan's 93rd ranked defense doesn't stand a chance this weekend. Wisconsin continues to rise the rankings after this win.
The pick- Wisconsin(-4)

Badgers are the most fearless animal! They will kill Michigan this weekend. Fast forward to the 55 second mark to watch the good part.


- This game seems like a set-up for the Eagles after a huge win over the Redskins last week but I am going for it. The Eagles are straight-up impossible to stop with Mike Vick as their QB. This guy has gotten better than he ever was by spending 20 months in jail. Maybe Eli Manning should spend some time in jail and he wouldn't get crushed by the (2-7)Cowboys. The Eagles are at home and the hottest team in football right now so a three point spread is nothing for a team that put 42 in the first half the other night. Eagles win by 14 over the G-Men and take control of the NFC East.

I couldn't decide to go with the Eagles or put my lock on whoever played Carolina for the second straight week. So instead I am putting both down. The Panthers are starting Brian St. Pierre who has a couple things going against him this week.
1. The Ravens' D is ridiculous and Ray Lewis is going to crush him
2. His top three RBs are out of the line-up.
3. He hasn't practiced since last January
4. He was being a stay-at-home dad as of Monday
5. His last name is French
6. He went to BC
- That is enough reasons for me to pick against him and his awful team which is one ugly win at home over SF from being winless still. Ray Lewis might kill him during the course of this game because that is what Ray Lewis does. He literally kills people.
The Picks- Eagles(-3),Ravens(-11)

NCAA Basketball:
URI@ Charleston(+4.5)
- URI almost knocked off Pitt already and continues the success in the 2K Classic Toledo Regional. They not only cover the 4.5 point spread but beat Charleston big and Rhody beats up their mascot again. This pick for Quack Quack Sr, an URI alum.

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