Monday, November 1, 2010

Moss waived by Vikings?

According to a report by the NFL Network, Randy Moss has been waived by the Vikings a day after his five minute rant in his post game press conference about how much he loved playing in New England and that the Vikings coaching staff did not listen to his advice much leading up to the game against New England. Moss had only had 13 catches for 174 yards and 3 TDs since coming to the Vikings from New England for a third round draft pick. Some people were criticizing the Patriots for not getting more but the move could now look genius. The team could very easily choose to sign Moss back for a huge pay cut since he is not very attractive on the open market right now except to the Jets who are probably willing to sign him just to avoid facing him a third time in a season. It will be interesting if anyone steps and makes a claim as the Patriots will not. If he comes back to New England it would be once he cleared waivers and was a free agent. Even then, I don't think Belichick messes with the team's mojo that it has going right now. Moss would be a distraction and that is not what a 6-1 Patriots team needs right now.

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