Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pats' late pick seals victory over Crybaby Peyton's Colts

The game seemed to be shaping up like last year's Colts/Pats game where the Colts beat the Pats 35-34 after the infamous " Fourth and two play" that gave the Colts great field position and eventually lead to the win. This year had a different ending as Peyton threw his third interception of the game as Jermaine Cunningham hit him on the throw. James Sanders came down with the ball and the game was over(ruining any chances for any Adam Vinatieri heroics in Foxboro. The Patriots won 31-28.Brady threw for two touchdowns and Benjarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead each ran for one. Deion Branch had seven catches for 70 yards with Wes Welker having 5 receptions for 58 more yards and a TD catch. The defense stood tall when it needed to and held on for a great win that extends Brady's home game winning streak to 25 games. Even Darius Butler(yes Darius Butler) contributed once starting corner Kyle Arrington went down with a knee knjury in the first half. The Patriots keep pace with the Jets at 8-2 and now prepare for the Lions on a short week on Thanksgiving. Now here are the Winners/Losers for this week

1. Wes Welker- played a Welker-esk game with five big catches for 58 yards and a TD.
2. James Sanders- Game winning interception was a huge play for the young safety
3. Tom Brady- Had another spirited effort and was caught on camera still yelling at the Colts and the ref even once the game was over
4. BJGE -97 yards rushing and one TD along with some tough running at the end of the game was a solid effort from the undrafted RB from Ole' Miss
5. Devin McCourty- Had a pick and some other great coverage throughout the night on Peyton's receivers
6. Jermaine Cunningham- pressured Manning into that final pick

1. Pat Chung- was not one of the second-year safety's better games as he was in coverage for two of the four TD passes by Manning
2. Peyton's sister tonight -if you see the Peyton press conference you will see that his sister/wife is going to have a long night tonight as he was so pissed. Might be my favorite win of the year so far.

Press conferences: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Danny Woodhead

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