Friday, November 12, 2010

Quack Quack's Money in the bank lock of the week

So the great QuackQuack continued on his run last week going 2-0 once again to bring my overall record up to 5-3. I will take it after that rough 0-2 first week. Last week was a little too close for comfort as both games were withing three points of the spread with Oakland making a last second field goal to get to OT and then win by 3 and cover the spread by one. I apologize for the heart attack I may have caused to others there. Lets hope this week's locks are a little more comfortable in the closing seconds.

- There are two aspects of this game that are a lock. The fact that Michigan will not cover and that the over/under will be over all day everyday. The o/u is 61.5 points so doing the intense math you figure each team needs to put up 31. First glance and you think that is a tough task. Then you look at both of these teams this season. Michigan averages 38 points a game. They give up 34 a game. That just makes this too easy. One could make the argument that Purdue only puts up 18 a game and gives up 28. Michigan gives up points with two freshman corners starting. They just can't stop people and try to win games by outscoring teams. They gave up 35 points to an 0-5 Indiana team. This is Indiana football not basketball so they blow. Thankfully their QB leads the nation in rushing or this team would be awful instead of just extremely inconsistent. Lets take a look at Michigan's season so far. They have beaten zero teams in the Big Ten by more than ten points. Forget about thirteen points. This team does not blow Big Ten teams out. Now they are going to Purdue and you expect them to win by two scores? I think not. Michigan loser or wins by one score but Purdue covers for sure.

On the O/U Michigan games have gone over the 61.5 points 6 out of their 9 games this season. That is ridiculous but just how high scoring these games are. 2 out of the 3 that didn't were the first two games of the season before teams gain some continuity and experience together. This is just way too easy.
The Pick- Purdue(+13.5)
O/U- O(61.5)

Carolina@Tampa Bay(-6.5)
- The fact that Carolina is favored to come within one score of anyone in the NFL is ridiculous. Nevermind the 6-3 Bucs who are coming off a tough loss to Atlanta. They know they need to win to keep pace in the playoff race while the Panthers have two injured running backs,a rookie QB and a coach on the way out the door. To top it off, the game is in Tampa. Game,set,match. Tampa wins big and keeps pace in the NFC South.
The pick- Tampa (-6.5)

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