Monday, November 15, 2010

Terriers fall to #2 in polls after two ties over the weekend

Obviously the national polls mean much less in college hockey than they do in college football but they are worth paying attention to as they come out each week. Our Terriers' stay as the #1 team in the nation lasted only one week as we fell to #2 with Minnesota-Duluth taking #1 after an impressive 4 point weekend out west. Here is how the rest of the poll shaped up:
1. Minnesota-Duluth(9-1-2)-two wins over Michigan Tech this weekend vault the Bulldogs past the Terriers into the #1 spot
2. BU(6-0-4)- two ties against a rising Merrimack team is nothing to be ashamed of but enough to lose the #1 spot in the rankings. This is a good place for BU as the #1 target has been taken off this young team's back for the time being.
3. Maine(6-1-3)- This is the hottest team in Hockey East and with a couple wins over BC this weekend could move further up in the polls and HE standings.
4. Nebraska-Omaha(8-1-0)- Have a chance to rise or fall in the standings this weekend with a pair against North Dakota
5. Yale(5-1-0)- They lost to Air Force this past weekend which you would think would cause them to fall more than one spot but for some reason USCHO loves this Yale team
6. Miami(6-3-3)- The split with Alaska causes the Red Hawks to continue to drop
7. New Hampshire(5-1-3)- big home and home with BU this weekend to go with the Maine/BC series should give everyone a good idea who really is the best team in HE.
8. North Dakota(7-4-1)- Swept Wisconsin this past weekend to gain some momentum heading into a series with Nebraska-Omaha
9. Michigan(6-3-3)- A split with #11ND is not exactly what you are looking for at home but Michigan will take it at this point in the season.
10. Newton(Boston) College(6-4-0)- N(B)C continues to lose games and split weekends as they did again with UVM this weekend. This is a tough loss despite it being in Vermont. Vermont has struggled to score all year. They are purple because they are a bunch of little girls.

The INCH power rankings are very similar to the USCHO poll with some minor flip flopping here and there.
1. Minnesota-Duluth
2. BU
3. Maine
4. Nebraska-Omaha
5. Yale
6. North Dakota
7. UNH
8. Miami
9. Michigan
10. Union
13. BC
20. PC? These guys are on crack but its funny because BC is ranked closer to PC than to us. Losers.

-This weekend approaching is going to be filled with good games as 6 of the top 10 teams play one another(BC/Maine, BU/UNH, ND/ Nebraska). A bunch of splits could mean more of the same in the polls or a bunch of sweeps could totally turn the polls upside down.

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