Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back to why BC sucks!

Continued from the last two days reasons 21-2
21. BC security took our sign away last year because it said "viva la stool" in reference to the great barstool sports. They claimed "the term stool was offensive". First of all, it isn't a curse. Get off me. Second, since when is stool is offensive even if we meant it as shit. Thirdly, who honestly thinks we would make a sign about shit and use the term stool. We're not fucking doctors as you can tell by talking to me for .2 seconds.
22. Their own fans bail on the team when they lose. After the tough 5-4 OT loss last year, the place was silent from the BC fans except for the idiots lighting up joints while trying to fight with us...classy alter boys.
23. They choose to go to a college or (university whatever the fuck they are) where a religion is forced upon them. Fuck taking religion class. I did it in elementary school and it was retarded. Why would anyone choose that? School is separate from your religious beliefs.
24. Because they hate BU. Seriously who could hate people like me? Ok well hating me is understandable but Rhett and Jack Parker? All they ever did was dominate your asses.
25. They take a charter bus right through our campus each time they play at the Garden. Fuck off. Only come onto this campus when we whoop your ass at Agganis. I'll have some eggs ready on the first Monday of February this year.
26. They developed a dance called the beanpot trot in the 80's and then preceded to lose to guess who? BU bitches 4-1 in the final.
27. They don't have an engineering program. That is just embarrassing for a school full of such "bright" kids that is so difficult to get into.
28. Their football team celebrates mediocrity. They make a bowl every year and act like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. When is the last time you went to a meaningful bowl? No, the Emerald Nut Bowl doesn't count.
29. All of their females students are rich little princesses who shop on Newbury Street all day.
As someone who works on Newbury Street, these girls drive you crazy in a very bad way. It is crazy how different your view is on life when daddy has got you everything you wanted since you were born.
30. Their hockey team is retarded. The BU team is full of brilliant scholars who are here for academics first and hockey second. Ok I made this one up but I am running out of material for today.

more to come....

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