Wednesday, December 8, 2010

BU NU Preview

Alright, we all know how much I, along with all of the other bloggers here, hate BC, but I have an especially deep hatred for NU. To me, the Huskies are almost as bad as the NC Eagles. I've been going to the BU NU games since 7th grade (I'll be at the back-to-back ones in March), and I've developed just an absolute hate for these fucks. Greg Cronin is easily the spottiest coach I have ever seen, having seasons that have some form of potential, or, like now (3-8-4), just shitty ones.

I sincerely don't expect much of a fight from NU, but given the ups and downs of this season, anything is possible. I think the biggest point for BU is for Parker to get this squad over the steamrolling of this past weekend. If the team is mentally out of the past weekend, they'll have a good game, and keep this season positive.

NU, for this season, has had a fairly decent past few games, splitting a two game series with Merrimack, and tying UVM before that. They'll be firing on all cylinders tonight, and I'm expecting a physical showing from their defense.

Nieto has been having a couple of decent games, and I'll expect him to keep up the good gameplay. After this weekend's disappointment, I'm expecting Millan to step it up a bit (getting pulled after the first period last friday, was NOT cool, Kieran). As long as they keep their heads up from last weekend, and pick up their defense a bit, I think it'll be a decent game.

And always, remember the "safety school" chant for the game. Let's beat these fucks, shut up the most annoying fanbase in HE, and get a good confidence boosting game.

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