Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hockey East Power Rankings - Depression Week

Terrier freshman Matt Nieto, scored two goals this weekend against BC

Yeah it's a depressing weekend around the BSRSB. Two losses to our crosstown rivals, and embarrassing ones at that, are never a good morale booster. And with that, here we go...

1.) BC - They have now reclaimed their spot atop Hockey East, and in my rankings as well. They played like the best team in Hockey East this weekend - and perhaps in the country. Their forwards are tough, fast, and aggressive. Their defensemen control the puck well and deny good scoring chances. The ones they let through are almost always stopped by one of the best goaltenders in the country, John Muse.

2.) BU - They drop to number #2 this week after being thrashed two nights in a row against BC. Do I think this marks the end of their season? No. Do I think this is a disheartening sign from a team many of us had high expectations for? Yes. However, hopefully this will teach the young guys what it takes to hang tough with arguably one of the top 3 teams in the country.

3.) UNH - A pair of victories over teams they deserved to beat leads to UNH retaining their #3 spot. Dick Umile's club has played an impressive first half, marked by their strong forward and goalie play.

4.) Maine - 3 points was perhaps one point short of what the Black Bears wanted out of a series with PC this weekend. But after a 3-3 tie on Friday and a convincing 5-0 win on Saturday, that's exactly what they got. Credit PC, however, as they have been playing the top teams tough this season.

5.) Merrimack - As good as they might think they are, they really aren't. They split with a rather awful Northeastern team this weekend (need I remind you of Northeastern's 3 losses to Atlantic Hockey teams?), in what was a disappointment I'm sure. While many Merrimack fans think this team is deservingly ranked, consider this: they have lost to BC, UNH, PC, and NU, and they tied BU as well as Vermont. Is this really a team that should be ranked top 20 in the country? I don't think so.

6.) PC - A tie with an impressive Maine team is all I needed to move PC up this week. Look, they've been one of the surprises of Hockey East this season and although I don't think they will do anything substantial this year, I'm still impressed.

7.) Northeastern - They beat Merrimack. I instantly like any team that can beat Merrimack. Thanks, guys (and Chris Rawlings. But mostly Rawlings).

8.) UMass - Amherst - They beat UMass - Lowell in a battle of state schools on Friday night. The real question here is: which team had the lower average IQ?

9.) Vermont - A tough weekend for VT, they got smacked around by UNH this afternoon. Not that anybody can really blame them, as UNH has been one of the best teams in the country thus far this season.

10.) UMass - Lowell - Look, there isn't much to be said about ULowell this season. They suck, they suck, they suck. Sorry guys. I've given up all hope on these guys this year.

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