Friday, December 3, 2010


Sorry QuackQuack, didn't mean to bump your Money in the Bank post from the top, but I had to post my excitement for this game.

Being unable to watch it (fuck you, shitty cable in Keene), I'll be at my computer avidly watching the gametracker, praying.

It's time, Parker. Time to shut these fuckers up. It's time to show BC why they're ranked number 8. Time to show them what a Hockey East Championship-caliber team means. Shut up the choir boys/superfrauds/eagleboys. Make Muse skate off the ice with his head hung in shame. But most of all? Shut up that fucker Jerry York. Parker, this is your time to shine. BU's got a barely winning, but winning nonetheless record against these bastards (125-108-17), and we gotta keep that up.

Expect BC to skate hard tonight, they're coming off of a 6-0 victory against UVM, and back-to-back victories against Maine, so the momentum is flowing. BU needs to step up their offense, and be more aggressive with the puck if they want to beat the Newton pansies.

Bottom line here is this:
Fuck 'em up, fuck 'em up, BC SUCKS

Just remember this from Coach Brooks. It's time to get pumped, Terriers. It's time.

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