Sunday, December 5, 2010

No redemption for BU...BC completes a sweep in December...Congratulations.

There are good nights in hockey and bad nights in hockey and we had two bad ones in a row and this is sums up the weekend in a nutshell. We'll get them at the Beanpot and in Jan.

They skated better better, defended better, had more shots on goal had more break away and quite simply made us look like an average hockey team. I am not saying we are as GW may disagree here. This team is skilled enough and has the leadership to do damage in postseason this year and I believe finished the year in top 10. This team had one loss before this weekend. I repeat one. It is not time to go abandon them and assume the season a lost cause. They will bounce back against Northeastern Wed and RPI next weekend. This team will make the tournament. Consider this weekend of learning for your Terriers if you want to put a positive spin on it. This team will turn it on in the second half. BC is a top ten team in the country easily and probably top 3 when they show up .When being a key word though. If they pick and choose who to show up against. This team isn't going anywhere. Only time will tell but keep the faith Terrier nation.

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