Friday, December 10, 2010

Quack Quack's Money in the bank lock of the week

I improved to 14-8 after last week's 2-1 performance which I'll take everyday of the week and twice on Friday. My options are limited until the college Bowl season goes into full swing in the next couple weeks so I am going to stick to NFL and college basketball. I am a little late this week but you last day of classes and work will do that to you. Gotta get money get paid you know what I'm saying? Here we go with this week...

- The best team in the NFC against the worst and it is only a seven point spread? Are you kidding me? This shit is too easy. Atlanta all the way here. This is a trap game for the Falcons lead by Newton College product Matt Ryan but they still win by 10 points in this one because the Panthers are just that bad.

The pick- Atlanta

Orlando@ Utah(-3.5)
- There really isn't much else for you me to choose from so I am going with Orlando over Utah tonight in Utah or the state of seven wives. The mormons and all their wives will be disappointed after this one when Dwight Howard tears apart the Jazz. Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap are solid big men for Utah but Dwight Howard is simply in a league of his own. Jameer Nelson and Vince Carter give Orlando options from the outside and Orlando will cover here.
The Pick- Orlando

RedSox - 6/1 odds to win it all next year
- They sign Carl Crawford out of nowhere,trade for Adrian Gonzalez and still have Tito as the manager. This team should be a 1/1 odd to win it all. This lineup has 4+ all stars in it and 3-5 more on the pitching staff. Put the house down on the Sox baby!

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