Friday, December 17, 2010

Quack Quack's Money in the bank locks of the week

So I went 1-1 last week to put me at 15-9 overall so let's keep it rolling shall we? No more NBA picks because that shit is too difficult to predict we are going to go straight football this week.

Kansas City@St. Louis(-1)
- If the NFC West is ever a favorite against anyone out of the division do yourself a favor and bet against them. The NFC West blows like someone 7-9 is going to make the playoffs over the Packers or Bears because of this shit. This just isn't right in years like this. I am all for division winners getting in but not a home game. I think record should indicate seeding but hey what do I know?
Anyway with Cassel most likely back this week, the Chiefs roll here. I am taking a chance he plays and plays well but it is the Rams so I like my chances.

The pick- KC(+1)

- hahahahahahah. This line is just too silly to be true. The 2-11 Bengals are favorites? First, the Browns are coming off a loss aka they will play will and Peyton Hillis will rush for 5,000 yards in the next game with 5 TD's. Bad news for GW's fantasy team matchup with Curly... The Browns straight up roll here in the battle for Ohio.

The pick- Cleveland(+1)

Philly@New York G-MEN(-3)
- Philly found a way to beat the Giants last time with an ok performance by Mike Vick(who apparently is looking to own a dog again the near future). They find a way to win again and cover the three point spread in New York even with Justin Tuck harassing Vick all day.

The pick- Philly(+3)

Atlanta@ Seattle(+5.5)
- Remember what I said about the NFC West? Yeah that is right they blow. Atlanta beats Seattle by 80 in this one and covers easily. Michael Turner tears Seattle a new asshole and laughs about it all the way to three TDs.

The Birds of Prey own this week. All four of these are locks. Parlay that shit. Combo bet city! Just throw the house down on these four as you can't lose by listening to my NFL expertise.

The pick- Atlanta(-5.5)


  1. i respectfully wish that peyton hillis does not put up such numbers. please and thank you

  2. You look good so far...26 yards in the first half