Friday, December 31, 2010

Quack Quack's Money in the bank locks of the week-New Year's Eve edition

Here is a nice New Year's ever edition of my picks as I am surrounded by those idiots with their stupid hats and 2011 glasses. If I see one more idiot, I think I might just start stabbing them and go on my anti-New Year's rant but I digress.. I went 2-1 last week to improve to 20-11 overall which is pretty good I think right? Here is this week's picks which is going to stick to football but I will mix it up between bowls and the final week of the NFL regular season.

- The Steelers need a win to clinch a bye and the AFC North. They roll a Cleveland team that has rolled over and played dead since Peyton Hillis began to slow down. He is also questionable for this game so I think that Pitt defense has a field day against rookie Colt McCoy.

The pick- Pitt(-6)

San Diego@Denver O/U -47
- Neither one of these teams play defense whatsoever so the over/under is the easiest bet here in a week of uncertainty with which teams will play their starters and such. Denver gives up 30 a week and are easily the worst defense in the league. Tim Tebow has given the team a spark and will put up points for Denver so look for a high scoring game here.

The pick-Over 147

Capital One Bowl
Michigan St. vs Alabama(-10)
- Alabama has three losses this season while Michigan State has one this season. How does this lead to Alabama being favored by double digits? This makes no sense to me. Go Sparta!

The pick-Michigan State(+10)

Rose Bowl-
TCU vs. Wisconsin(+3)
- This is a tough call but I am going to show some faith in the mid major just for felizmiguel and go with TCU here. The Horned Frogs are legit and prove it tomorrow on national TV.

The pick-TCU(-3)

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