Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scandal rocks hockey east: druggiest college conference in the country?

According to what I imagine to be a ridiculously unscientific analysis The Daily Beast has proclaimed the druggiest college campuses in the country based on (I guess) drug arrests on campus and statewide rates of pot and cocaine usage. Here's the Hockey East rundown from the top 50 list:

1. UNH
2. NU
4. Maine
18. Vermont
44. UMass

Well I guess if you can't be the best rivalry in college hockey, there's no shame in shooting for the most drug-addled? Seriously I'm not surprised that the choir boys didn't make the list (didn't want to have to confess to it) and I'd have been mildly surprised if BU were on there. My main pleasure about this list is Northeastern being on there number 2 with a bullet. Big surprise though, right? I mean if my hockey team were that terrible on such a regular basis (even when they're having a "good" year) I'd prolly need the occasional bit of relief (read: blow) too. I just thought they did much more at UVM; I figured those hippies smoked enough grass to be 1-49 on the list, not just 18. Anyway, I think we can firmly conclude that Hockey East is the most drug-abusing conference in collegiate sports. Keep up the good work, mediocre schools that make up half of the conference!

As a side note I think the only reason Merrimack missed is because the French just smoke mad cigarettes. (Great work, da Costa!)

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  1. Email sent out to all NU students 12/15/10 from Enrollment Management and Student Affairs:

    Many members of our community have raised questions about a recently published ranking by The Daily Beast, a pop culture website. Earlier this week, the site ranked Northeastern as the second “druggiest” campus in the country.

    The data and methodology to create this ranking are inaccurate. For example, the number they used for Northeastern’s total enrollment is off by nearly 20,000 students.

    In addition, to assess overall drug use and availability on individual campuses, the website relies on data that refers to statewide drug use – not specific to any individual college or university.

    Northeastern University takes the health and safety of its students seriously in every aspect of their college life. The university has exemplary programs and policies in place to help any student with a wide range of issues that may negatively impact their health and well-being.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
    E. Edward KlotzbierVice President of Student Life\

    Thanks Ed! Regardless of what he may have to say, we all know NU is still full of druggie hipsters.