Friday, February 11, 2011

BU Travels to Amherst for a One Night Stand

Joe Pereira goes "Slapshot" on UMass Goalie Jeff Teglia

Our Terriers are heading to to western Massachusetts tonight to take on the lowly UMass-Amherst. Being the weekend between the Beanpot Mondays (speaking of which, did we win on Monday? I didn't watch the game, just assumed Northeastern would lose to Harvard and we would beat BC. I guess that's what happened?), BU only plays once - aka the "One Night Stand". No, stereotypical slutty UMass girls, I'm not talking about that one night stand. I'm talking about the hockey equivalent - the kind that I hate. Why do I hate it? Here's a quick list...

1.) If there's only one game that weekend, what do I do on the other night? 
2.) If the game isn't at home, what do I do on both nights?
3.) It gives the rest of the teams in HE a chance to catch up since we've played more games. Bunch of crap.
4.) Seriously, what am I supposed to do without BU hockey on a Friday or Saturday? Damn you Hockey East.

Regardless, it's what we've got for this weekend. BU definitely needs to pick up both points tonight in order to keep pace with Merrimack (who's facing UNH twice this weekend, let's go Wildcats!). In fact, BU really needs to basically win the rest of their games this season in order to reasonably have a good shot at third place in Hockey East/making the NCAA tournament without having to win the Hockey East tournament. 

UMass-Amherst is fighting for their own playoff dreams right now as well. The Minutemen currently sit in 7th place, two points ahead of 8th place Vermont and 3 points ahead of 9th place Providence College. If they want to keep their playoff hopes alive, they need to get hot real quick and win some games against a whole bunch of higher ranked teams (Merrimack, BU, etc.). Don't be surprised if UMass really comes out firing tonight, with a chance to split their season series with us and pick up an all important two points in the playoff race.

In a funny bit of coincidence, both teams are being led by a Pereira. BU has Joe (older brother) and UMass has Mike (younger brother). Each Pereira is leading their team in goal scoring - Joe with 12 and Mike with 10. If you're wondering, and you probably weren't, those 12 goals match Joe's total output in his first three seasons with the Terriers. Not sure what to account for his recent goal scoring touch, but I have to say I like it.

Anyways, I predict a BU win in this one. They have already beaten and tied this same UMass team, and BC/Merrimack completely owned both UMass goaltenders last weekend - my guess is their confidence might be a touch low.

Score: BU 5 - UMass 2

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