Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Happy Mike And I'm Proud To Be A Terrier

You know what struck me most about the Harvard game yesterday? The fact that this was only really one of the few games this year that I can think of where our Terrier hockey team really failed to put forth a winning effort on the ice. Not to say its the first time they've lost, but compared to last year's team where I really felt that many of the players on the ice were not cut out to be in the jersey they wore, I am immensely proud of how far this young team has come this year.

Think back to this time last year? How did you feel about that team? Disappointed? Frustrated? I know I did. Seeing guys like Kevin Shattenkirk and Vinny Saponari go out on the ice night after night and seemingly not put forth the effort needed to win games was just about as bad a situation as I can imagine the year after a national championship.

This year, even after Monday I feel nothing but optimism and good things about this team. Players like Alex Chiasson have stepped up hugely compared to last year, and others like Joe Pereira, David Warsofsky and Chris Connolly have proven to be much stronger leaders than last year's team possessed. Maybe we're not a tournament team this year. But looking to next year, with almost every player coming back from a team that has shown immense amounts of promise throughout the year and our usual heralded BU recruiting class coming in, I am incredibly excited to see our team take the ice. And make no mistake, this is a team that could make a run in HE and get into the NCAAs. But even if that doesn't happen, I'm still so impressed with this year's team and am proud to be a BU fan. Bravo, men.

Haters gonna hate, but our skaters are gonna go on and skate.