Sunday, March 13, 2011

BU season over after loss to NU

This recap is going to turn into a rant real I warned you ahead of time.
Ok actually fuck the recap. If you want to read about stats and such about the loss go to Boston Hockey Blog here.

My opinion on this game was that Northeastern once again got bounces and made plays when they needed to. They led from the first goal on and frustrated BU at times. I think overall the game was evenly played but BU just couldn't find the back of the net in the third and were forcing things which lead to the NU goals to make it 3-1, 4-2 and the empty netter to make it 5-2 before BU grabbed two late ones to make the knife go a little deeper through my heart losing by one. I love the hustle throughout the end of the game. There were no cheap shots by our guys at the end of the game despite the constant diving by Northeastern. All game long Silva, Macleod, and McNeely were flopping onto the ice and acting like they got shot anytime they were hit. This is just a cheap way to play hockey. You don't beat teams by flopping like a bunch of little bitches. Man up and play the damn game. The NU players were doing this all weekend and of course Benedetto ate that shit up tonight. Probably learned it from their cheating coach Cronin.

Now at the end of the game, Adam Clendening bumped a guy right as the horn sounded. Once again, the guy flops down to the ice and the usual post-game antics fell into place. A referee escorted Clendening to the back of the BU line when NU coach Cronin grabbed his arm, leading to Clendening yelling at Cronin forcing them both to be restrained again. NU players were then asked to leave the ice as they were more interested in taunting the BU players then going through a hand shake line like normal teams. Parker and Cronin has words before hugging while Parker had some choice words for the refs after their poor performance. NU fans were classy and creative as always and sang "Hey baby" like the fucking little bitches that they are. They had no good chants all weekend which is besides the point. They said "I believe that we will win" once they were up 5-2. Well I hope you believe you won't blow that lead even though you almost did you fucks. I'll see you all in hell. Have fun getting wrecked next weekend by the alter boys. NU is a dirty and classless team, proven when they taunted BU as they prepared to shake hands.
Time to root against everyone else in HE(except maybe UNH jk Umile is a dick)
GO BU hoops am i right? Kansas doesn't stand a chance.

Stay tuned for more on the game and the off-season starting now. As always Go BU!

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