Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rock Chalk Terriers: Rock Chalk Tourney Time!

Shall I just say the atmosphere at Agganis was abslutely amazing. Like hockey vs. BC amazing. When Holland went off in the second, the joint was absolutely jumping. And in the end, Holland put the team on his back to lead the Terriers to a (literally) last-second victory by a score of 56-54 over the Stony Brook What's-a-Seawolves.
For the Terriers to be only down by 7 after a dreadful 5-for-25 first half performance from the field (0% from 3-point land), I was pretty sure that as soon as Holland and Partin shot themselves out of their slump, they were capable of carrying the team to the final. After the SBU lead was stretched to 15 I was somewhat more worried, but it was at about that point that BU really took off with Holland's lead. He scored 23 of the team's 33 in the second, including 4 late free throws that put the Terriers ahead on drives to the lane. Down 6 with 3 minutes and change to go, the Terriers scored the last 8 points in the contest. Holland and the Terriers finally broke that impression that they cannot win the big game by winning the team's biggest game in years.
Next up will be the NCAAs, against an opponent to be determined by the selection committees and announced at 6 tonight (I'll try to blog b/w the selection and the hockey game). America Least compiled a list of possible seedings as predicted by various media outlets.
  • #16 vs. Pittsburgh (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • #16 vs. Notre Dame (Chicago, Illinois)
  • #15 vs. North Carolina (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  • ( #15 vs. either Duke, San Diego State, UConn or North Carolina
Game Coverage Links:
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