Thursday, July 7, 2011

New conference forming in college hockey...possibly more

The formation of the Big Ten Conference in 2013-2014(due to the emergence of Penn State hockey) is throwing the conference affiliation of college hockey into a big loop. The formation of this six team league leaves both the WCHA(10) and CCHA(8) short of teams and this situation could result in the end of both of the leagues. There is a report that five teams from WCHA plan to leave for the 2013-2014 season along with Miami to make a new conference. Notre Dame also has been reported to be contemplating between staying in the CCHA, the new conference, or moving to Hockey East or WCHA. The only real outcome here is the following conference breakdown:(stay with me here)

Big Ten(6): Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

New League(8): Miami,Denver, North Dakota, Colorado College, Minnesota-Duluth, Notre Dame, Western Michigan and Nebraska-Omaha

Hockey East(10): Same as is (BU,BC, Merrimack, UNH,UVM ,Lowell, UMASS, PC, Northeastern, and Maine)

CCHA/WCHA leftover league(10): Alaska,Bowling Green, Ferris State, Lake Superior State, Northern Michigan, Alaska-Anchorage, Bemjidi State, Michigan Tech, Minnesota State, and St. Cloud State.

The other two leagues of Atlantic Hockey and the ECAC would remain the same unless the Ivy's break off and then a whole new can of worms would be opened as UCONN could possibly move to Hockey East if they got better and if URI starts a program since they have the facility to do so. This is all speculation though. The remaining teams in the CCHA and WCHA need to join to make a league of six or more. This realignment also opens the door for the independent Alabama-Huntsville get a chance to lose that tag and finally join a league so it has a chance to make the NCAA tournament and get decent recruits realistically. stay tuned for more on this story. In the end of the day, this really doesn't matter as BU is going to win the next 10 championships no matter who plays there. Parker retires after the eighth and Bavis wins two more as coach. You'll see.

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