Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MLB Playoff Races

As you all should know by now, there are many compelling MLB playoff races happening ranging from the AL Wild Card to who get the 2nd in the NL between the Brewers and 'Zona. Let me 1st say that if you are Red Sox fan, am sorry. You had this in the bag it is your fault you had to compete in all 162 games. I am going to say win and you dont have to worry, just win. Don't be a Yankee fan for the day (we don't want you). Put a big number up on the board early in the game against the O's and make the Johnny Damons and the David Prices of the world grip their bats and balls a little bit tighter and maybe lose against the Yankees. I still wont mind you in the playoffs because if you make it gives me more reason to argue for MLB realignment. I like Boston winning tonight but if you have to play a game tomorrow I don't know who you will pitch. Lester goes tonight on 3 days and Bedard threw last night, Wake is god awful, and Beckett isn't as good as we was in April and May, and Lackey sucks more because he cant be my his wife's side while she fights against cancer (thank you for whoever sent that text message the other day). Who are you going to pitch???
Tampa has a good probability to win tonight with David Price on the mound and all hands on deck. Yankees aren't going to play anyone special. So what I am saying is just win both teams, rather have this settled in a one game win all instead of Tampa overtakes you and probably seeing John Henry blow a gasket and firing Epstein and Terry, none of the blame should be on them, all blame on the players.

PS- at least a Boston collapse wont be that bad as this one

or this one.............


I am aiming for the last cause it might save your manager and GM a job.

The NL wild card race is very similar to the AL. The Braves had this locked up earlier this month but sat on their hands and now are in the same situation as the Cardinals. Let's get this straight, the Phillys will sit down all important players... Atlanta's game to lose and NL wild card to lose. Cardinals face a Astros team that sucks, Cards win. So we will see a win all game take place Thursday. Which leads me to like the Braves cause I think they have one of the best if not the best bullpin in the NL.

Lastly, who will win the 2nd position in the NL playoffs. Brew-Crew are 1 game up over the D-Backs with one to play. Both teams are loving the Cards right now cause they know they can win against each other have better chances in a 7 game set against the Phila. I like Brew-Crew winning tonight cause they are home and have the best home record.

AL MVP Predictions:
Justin Verlander.... don't need more to say, "most valuable player" in the AL

NL MVP Predictions:
Matt Kemp- stats wise Ryan Braun is better in certain circumstances but Kemp has the ability to be a 40/40 guy and had a chance to win the triple crown (AVG, RBIs, HR). To hard to believe in the modern MLB sports world.

AL CY Young:
Justin Verlander........ come on man

NL CY Young:
Roy Hallady, love the guy excellent pitcher, just plain dirt.

Manager of the Year:
Joe Maddon- competing to the wire with a tiny market team and no money against Boston, and Yankees. Great Job!

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