Friday, September 16, 2011

The Real Season Begins

As you all should know by now, the Red Sox have a 3 game lead in the Wild Card over the Rays. Fans shouldnt be concerned. The Rays have to play the Yanks 7 more times in order to finish the season. I like the Soxs in this.
So predictions for the post season.

Yanks vs Rangers
Tigers vs Red Sox
Yankees vs Tigers, sorry Red Sox fans Verlander is too good in a 5game series to let me choose them to go to alcs

Phillies.vs Arizona
Brewers vs ATL
Zona vs ATL, i hate philly just cause they deserve to lose early on and just prove the point money cant win you everything everytime. And i hate front runners.

World Series
Yanks vs ATL

Verlander is good but not good enough against a team that has always given him fits. ATL has great bullpin to beat Zona. Rematch of the `99 WS and Ill take the Yanks in 6.

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