Monday, October 10, 2011

New polls released from USCHO Week 2

The new polls were released this afternoon with some fairly major moves as the voters only have one weekend of action to vote on so fairly big moves aren't unexpected. Here is what the top 10 and other notables look like. The first number would be the poll with the second being the USA Today poll.

1. Boston College - #1 in both polls after winning the Ice Breaker Tournament. Yeah yeah no one cares about that tournament. We won it last year and looked how that ended up.

2. Notre Dame- #2 in both polls make it two Catholic schools at the top of the polls and the most arrogant ones at that. Excuse me while I go puke my brains out.

3. Denver- #3 have not played a game yet but will certainly be tested as they travel to BC and BU this weekend for a pair of great non-conference games

4. Michigan 4/5- Michigan wins 3 games to start off the year granted not against the greatest opposing teams

5. Miami- 4/5- Their loss this weekend drops them down three spots

6. North Dakota- #6 They got romped by BC this weekend which isn't a great sign but it is a long season and their mascot is still racist as Feliz Miguel would say.

7. Colorado College- 7/8- Thank you for raping BC last year in the tournament.

8. BU- 8/7- Jump two and drop one in each poll after the 5-0 win over #15 UNH.

9. UMD- The defending champs stay in the top 10 even after a loss.

10. Yale- You play in the EZAC. Your games shouldn't even count in the polls.

13. Merrihack- A nice win up in Orono keeps the Warriors in the polls and moving up

15. UNH- Frozen pizza looked be thawing a little bit giving up four goals to BU behind an inexperienced blue line

17. Maine- The Black Bears split a weekend at home which is what Maine fans have grown accustomed to under Timmy.

Others receiving votes: UMASS, Northeastern? Fuck you Saponari

Here are some other links about BU's win this weekend and Millan's play

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