Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Why Millan Starts Saturday Night

So after the debacle that was the exhibition game Saturday night against St. Francis Xavier, everyone and their brother is calling for BU head coach Jack Parker to start three year back up goalie Grant Rollheiser over three year starter and national champion Kieran Millan. This is all of course, based on one exhibition game where Millan gave up five goals on 17 shots and Rollheiser made seven saves in the third. After the game, Parker and junior forward Wade Megan gave Millan a vote of confidence, both saying they expected him to be ready. Millan simply laid an egg Saturday night but Rollheiser also benefited from playing a team with a 5-0 lead and his own team attacking to try to come back and win the game so naturally he would be tested less. Rollheiser played better in the opportunity provided to him but the decision for the season opener vs. #11 UNH. Fans are willing to start a career backup despite all the stats in the world to go against it.

Let's throw some numbers down on the board shall we?
08-09 29-2-3, .921 Save percentage, 3 Shutouts, 1.94 GAA, 776 saves 35 games
09-10 16-16-0 .891 , 1 shutout, 3.15 GAA, 797 saves 32 games
10-11 16-10-8 , .919, 1 shutout, 2.68 GAA, 1085 saves, 36 games

08-09 6-4-1, .897 , 1 shutout, 2.13 GAA, 201 saves, 12 games played
09-10 2-1-1, .876, 3.39 GAA, 156 saves 7 games played
10-11 3-2, .885, 3.98 GAA, 123 saves 5 games played

Now I think the records speak for themselves all three years and if they don't sell you the GAA from last year. Millan made a whopping 962 saves more than Rollheiser last year. Millan has lead to BU to 61 wins in his three year career compared to 11 from Rollheiser. It is fair to state that Millan has been given a majority of the chances to start but he has earned those chances. He should not be pulled based off an exhibition performance on the day of his first day of practice. Rollheiser looked good and has earned a chance to make his fair share of starts this season(maybe the first being at PC next Friday) but not on opening night at home against a top team in the country and your league. If Rollheiser outplays Millan over the first month of the season, then we can have this argument but until then stop embarrassing yourselves. Fans need to educate themselves before coming to drastic opinions that they came when they are about five Nattie lights into the night. Millan is the goalie to lead this team and he has already show he is capable of putting them on his back. If the fowards pick it up from last year and Millan is the exact same goalie, then this team is a Frozen Four team, no doubt in my mind. Show a little loyalty and keep the faith BU fans.

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