Sunday, November 6, 2011

Well that was ugly...

Well that is a night all BU fans would want to forget and I am sure some have due to the immense amount of alcohol that was consumed afterwards. This type of game could be referred to as laying an egg, just sucking, etc. Let's just hope this is the lowpoint of BU hockey for the next 10-15 years. If you want to read about the actual game, a 7-1 BU loss at Umass-Lowell, follow the link because I was there and I honestly just want to forget about it. These are the nights I am glad that I am not a journalist because being forced to cover a game like that must be painful. To all the people who think Parker should step down, shut up. It is early November and the team has a chance to right the ship and fix what is wrong with the mentality of this team. They need to figure it out with two top 10 teams coming up this weekend with Merrimack at home Friday night and traveling to #1 BC on Sunday. There should be no shortage of motivation for this team but you never know which team will show and there lies the problem. I remain optimistic that it will get turned around and this is a NCAA team but this weekend is huge toward indicating that. That is all I got so excuse while I go vomit somewhere.

P.S. I am running out of pictures of people jumping off large objects to post after these games.

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