Friday, December 23, 2011

First half review: Forwards part 2

This is the second half of the two part review on BU's 14 forwards. You can find the first 7 here and my expert opinion on the second seven is below. So..picking up right where I left off...

19 Justin Courtnall- The junior assistant captain has been a staple on the 3rd and 4th lines all season where he has done his job as a big, physical forward. Even though he has only posted a 1-1-2 line thus far, he has done a great job of being physical and jacking people up without taking many penalties. Some of the burden will fall on the junior to improve in the second half to make up for the departures but Courtnall has been doing very well at filling his role so far this season. This kid needs a good nickname for all the hits he has been laying out this year.

20 Matt Ronan- Yes, the bod(best offensive defenseman) is also in the forwards category. You know why? It is because he is the fuckin "bod" and he is awesome so he gets to get mentioned twice. He started the season at forward and came to BU as a walk-on forward before being switched to defense. Sounds like a familiar story right? Kid is going to be the next Matty Gilroy. Start the "Let the BOD Play" campaign!'

22 Ross Gaudet- The redshirt junior Ross Gaudet only has one point on the season but it just happened to be in OT at Red Hot Hockey to win BU a huge game. That is a pretty awesome spot to score your one goal of the year. He is also one of the leaders of this Terriers team even though he isn't wearing a letter. That's what winning teams need. The leadership can't end with the captains. It has to throughout the upperclassmen. Plus, the kid Tebowed when he scored his only goal. That is fucking awesome!

23 Cason Hohmann- The freshman has grown throughout the first half posting a 1-3-4 line on the third line. His lone goal did come at BC ,so that's pretty awesome. He had a pretty good celly too as his goal sealed the game for the Terriers. Now on to where Hohmann has struggled in the first half,...the kid has no game with the ladies(according to some of the upperclassmen). Teammate Garrett Noonan said in our interview with him that "He's pretty dusty with the ladies". C'mon buddy. You should be spitting game like a player aka like NiCastro. The kid needs some help from the upperclassmen on how to impress the ladies or maybe from us here at BSRS. We all know that me and GW can spit game like crazy. The great looks certainly make it a little easier for us than others but, hey not our fault.(Wish we could say the same for the rest of the blog- Sorry guys but you just don't have the swag like us). Back to hockey though, Hohmann seems to be gaining confidence game by game and should see the ice throughout the second half and hopefully will see increased production as well.

26 Evan Rodrigues - The other freshman forward for the Terriers has also grown through the semester. He has yet to net the first collegiate goal but has shown some nifty moves and has 4 assists as well. We hope those nifty moves will result in some goals in the second half. Rodrigues also appears to have some issues off the ice. Teammate Sahir Gill described Rodrigues for us " I think Rodrigues has a pretty terrible style, too. He is always wearing Hollister and stuff, he's stuck in middle school." Not a good look bud. You gotta drop the Hollister and Old Navy tees and dress with more swag. This freshman class seems like it still has plenty to learn.

27 Yasin Cisse- The redshirt freshman looked like a guy who hadn't played in a game in close to two years when he first returned to the ice in early November. He has improved each game since then and is now becoming a force for the Terriers. The rumors are that he will move up to play on the top line in the second half at right wing. That certainly will give him the potential to put up big numbers and help contribute on the stat sheet more often in the second half.

28 Sahir Gill- The sophomore from Terrace, British Columbia has been moving around through the lineup so far for the Terriers. He has been producing wherever he has been put sporting a 5-9-14 line. He is another forward that will be leaned up more heavily in the second half and I fully expect to answer the call. This guy also has been awesome off the ice. He sat down with us for an interview, beat GW handily in NHL12(4-1 I believe), and had a lady friend(though not official so calm down MacGregor). To top it all off, he is from the home of the albino black bear...that's pretty fucking cool if you ask me. The bear in the video kinda reminds me of Millan the way he walks around...

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