Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tim 'Jesus' Tebow ( You Just Got Tebowed)

Felt that since we cover all sports and now since the Pats are playing the Broncos today at 4:15 on CBS, I might as well comment on him.

As a fan, I am always a big Tim Tebow fan ever since his freshmen season when he was taking snaps with Chris Leak and just plowing through opposing players. In college, he did two things that will always standout to me. First, he took and gave this huge hit to fellow NFL player, Eric Berry, in college.

Lastly, the comments he said after losing very early in the 2008/2009 season and later winning his 2nd NCAA title with University of Florida.

These two actions lead be to believe in this guy as QB in the NFL before anyone else really did. Looking at him now, he still can't handle the playbook that much and still has a funky throwing motion.  He runs like a RB on many occasions a la a white mans Michael Vick. He arm strength is about average. His size is okay but could be better. All those are physical attributes that he will most likely will not overcome since he is at his peak for physical strength. His true attributes are his intangibles. I am not talking about praying to God throughout the game. Come on BC does that and they suck at everything. What Tebow really has his aurora around him that inspires people to play better. He believes in you and he expects the same from his players and coaches. He is beyond amazing in the 4th quater. He pushes himself to just win (ALL I DO IS WIN- DJ Khaled). It really is his only way to say that he could play QB. His passion for the game is foremost. In high school, he played with a broken leg and won a game on a 20 yard run with it. In college, he won 2 NCAAs and Heisman. In the NFL, he is 7-1 as starter. Those are FACTS he is winner, he brings something to the table that Brady, Manning(s), Brees, Montana ever did. He brings a quasi God-like persona to the field cause he always finds a way to win in the most breathtaking, unimaginable, incredible, utter disbelief.

Tim Tebow shouldn't be judged by his physical attributes, his style of play, his strength, his running ability, his faith, his intangibles. He should be judged by his record as player of the game. So far he is doing really well from himself and I hope he continues to do well and maybe win a Super Bowl down the road.

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  1. Is that Tebow Promise plaque real? If so, where is it located?