Monday, January 16, 2012

New week of meaningless polls: BU #2

The USCHO and USA Today polls came out this afternoon as they do every Monday and the BU Terriers are ranked #2 in the USCHO poll (with the USA Today poll to come out later), which is their highest ranking in the second half of a season since 08-09. The Terriers were the only Hockey East team to earn two wins this weekend and therefore moved up from 6 to 2 in the USCHO poll. The Terriers also moved up to #3 in the Pairwise rankings, which are the rankings the NCAA committee goes by when deciding the field. I am going to take my first stab at what I think the field will look like sometime this week. Here is the rest of the USCHO top 10 and other notable teams

1. Minnesota Duluth 15-4-3 - This team is clearly the best the in the nation and seems destined to for a #1 seed come March.
2. BU 13-6-1- They're looking pretty good eh?
3. BC 14-8-1 - They have been up and down as of late and kinda don't have a goalie. Should probably fix that.
4. Minnesota 16-8-1
5. Ohio State 14-6-3
6. Merrimack 12-4-5 - They're hanging in there despite the injuries which is impressive for a team that is new to the success. The schedule doesn't get any easier in the coming weeks though
7. Notre Dame 13-8-3 -
8 . Western Michigan 12-7-5
9. Cornell 10-4-3
10. Michigan 14-8-4 -Slowly climbing back into the national picture. Get a huge boost from getting Merrill back on D.
14. Lowell- The loss to UVM certainly isn't selling anyone that they are for real
15. Denver 13-8-3

Receiving Votes
Northleastern- Still the 3rd/4th best team in Boston after this weekend

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