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NFL Champ. Weekend

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Hey ya'll! So today is the 2nd biggest day in the NFL. Giants vs. 49ers and New England vs. Ravens. Let me start and say that I predicted these teams from last week and I predicted how 3 of the games would finish (I am awesome, and I know it). So lets start in the AFC.

I am going to take the New England in a close game. The reasoning is Brady to TEs or small white WRs. I like the Ravens defense a lot and they will probably force a lot of punts but Brady will be magical on a couple of drives. With Reed and Lewis playing tight coverage on the TEs I think it won't be as high scoring as last week. I think the NE defense finally has shown up and are starting to get healthy at the right time to hinder Flacco and Co. If I was the Ravens head coach, I should start praying that Ray Rice controls the ball and time of possession and Suggs just goes berserk on the pass rush to have a chance. I think the biggest difference is that the Ravens don't play well on the road and Brady is pretty good at home in the playoffs (9-2).

The 2nd game is a match up of a regular season game between the Giants and 49ers, which the 49ers won on a game saving INT in the Giants final drive of the game. But things have changed since that time, the Giants are playing as arguably the best defense in the postseason and the the front four have been playing on another level with the likes of Osi, JPP, and Tuck. On the other side of the ball, the 49ers have shown that they can score and play with the best offenses in the NFL (read the Saints). The weather is suppose to be bad and the field sucks there supposedly. I think the big deciding factor of the game will be Giants WRs YACs (yards after catch). If you look at the last few games the Giants have played they have had big plays from Nicks and Cruz and all the big plays come on 20-25 yard routes that they turn it up field and score. If the 49ers can stop the big play and just limit Eli Manning (you can't spell ELITE without ELI) to 15 yards and in I would take the 49ers BUT I am not going to too because of the Big 3 of JPP, Osi, and Tuck. I think they will control the type of offense the 49ers run and they will stop it. I like the Giants in this game that will be a tight affair.

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