Monday, February 20, 2012


So, to keep our minds off the mess on Comm Ave, (Read: Max Nicastro and NCAA player entitlement) I decided to write about the most uplifting thing in sports right now Jeremy Lin. If any of you don't pay attention to sports in general or the NBA here is a brief run down on him: Asian-American from NoCal, went to Harvard(not 1st choice), played basketball there all 4 years. Went to play in the NBA but didnt make it in Golden State, came to the Knicks, slept on brothers couch and Landry Fields as well, used as a hope and prayer, worked out, beat Kobe, hit a 3 with little time left to win a game against the Raptors, went on a 7 game winning streak in about less than 2 weeks and beat the defending champs, Dallas Mavs, today. So thats sums up, LINsanity, or To LINfinity and Beyond, Super LINtendo etc (puns (L)intended). A lot is made of this kid (23) cause well he isnt your prototypical NBA player. He's Asian-American that went to Harvard. But what I love about him is he kept getting after his goal/dream and he reached this one, starting for a NBA team, the Knicks, and in the biggest sports market in America, NYC. A lot of people make his case about his race, yes Ill admit this does have a factor in his story but the magical story about how this became captivates me. He singlehandly made the Knicks into a contender. He was the Scotty Pippen to Jordan, Malkin to Crosby, Brady to the Emperor, etc. If anyone of you dont watch the NBA, I highly suggest just follow him through highlights or stats or twitter cause he is a great pleasure to watch and always seems to show up on cue to continue his raise to fame. The true test for Lin will come when Carmelo Anthony returns from his injury. Will Lin, Stat, Chandler, Melo, Fields, Shump, Davis, Jeffries, Smith, Novak, Walker all integrate and play as a solid unit with no egos getting in the way. Only time will tell.

PS- I personally will not comment on the issue for the Mens Ice Hockey team since I follow the team from afar (take a guess from the story). I am pretty sure once more facts come out about the situation the rest of the crew will handle that.

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