Thursday, February 2, 2012

Super Bowl: Pats vs GMEN

So we all know this years Super Bowl is is match up from the infamous Super Bowl 42 (I dislike Roman Numerals so deal with it). But these teams are totally different from that game. The Giants transformed to a ground and pound team to an exciting passing offense. The Pats transitioned from a passing offense to a more efficient overall offense. Also each team are a lot different from when they played each other in the regular season. The Giants were pretty much banged up on both sides of the ball and the Pats were coming back from a humiliating defeat in Steel City. Now, each team are pretty much 100% (I know Gronk is hurt but the Giants have said numerous times they are expecting 100% healthy Gronk) healthy and have been playing good ball as of late. Usually when I look at a Super Bowl game I don't get into the numbers quite often cause its the Super Bowl and you can throw those numbers right out the window but since I love you all I will look at some interesting facts.


Giants D-Line vs. Pats O-Line: I think this is will figure out which team will have the upper hand in the game. I like the Giants D-line more so cause they have 4 extremely good pass rushers but I'll say this since the Pats line up in a lot 2 TE formations this will help nullify the abilities of the Giants pass rush. (+1 Giants)

Giants O-Line vs. Pats D-Line aka Vince Wilfork: Wilfork has played his best stretch of games I ever seen him play. The Giants O-Line was manhandled by the 49ers and do shows signs of letting up at times which endangers Eli Manning. But Manning is a gamer (hit over 20 times in the NFC Champ. game) and I call this split. (split)

Eli(TE) vs. Pretty Boy Tom: My opinion is that if you look at both careers I'd give to Tom everyday and twice on Sundays but if you look at right now, meaning in the last month and half, Eli has been playing out of this world. I give Eli on slight edge. (Giants +1)

Giants Secondary vs. Pats TEs & Welker (other WR dont exist in NE offense): I give the upper hand to Pats if with a banged up Gronk. Giants can't cover big athletic TEs at all (ie Davis, Witten, Celek etc et al). Welker is small and fast and disappears and shows up at the right time for a 1st down (probably one of his many in this game). (Pats +1)

Giants Passing Offense vs. Pats Secondary: Giants got this battle. Arguably the best 3 young WR in the game plus two TEs that catch and 1 RB that I can catch the ball out of the backfield (Bradshaw). Pats secondary sucks this year. (Giants +1)

Giants Running Game vs. Pats Running Game: the Pats have been running the ball well of late and the Giants have been playing OK against the run. The Giants haven't running the ball all that well but they are consistent with running the ball in their game plan. (Even split.)

 I usually put my money on the hottest team entering the game. Last year it was the Green Bay Packers and the year before that the Saints, both teams were on fire entering the playoffs. So this leads me to pick the Giants in this years Super Bowl.

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