Sunday, March 25, 2012

All Aboard the Departure Train: 2012 BU Edition

Now that BU's season has officially ended, we enter my least favorite time of the year - the departure season.  Michigan State fans know what I'm talking about, as today junior captain Torey Krug decided to forego his senior year and signed with the Bruins.

I imagine that this post will be updated as the next few weeks unfold, but here's how I see things shaking out as of now...

I've left the Senior class off this list, as obviously they will not be returning for next season.

Definitely, Absolutely, Without A Doubt in My Mind Gone
Alex Chiasson - Junior Forward, 15-31-46

Most Likely Jumping Ship
Adam Clendening, Soph. Defenseman, 4-29-33

On the Fence Like Mr. Feeney
Wade Megan, Junior Forward, 20-9-29 
Matt Nieto, Soph. Forward, 16-26-42

Definitely Not Leaving, Don't Be an Idiot
Garrett Noonan, Soph. Defenseman, 16-11-27

1.) Alex Chiasson is a no-brainer.  Dallas pressured him to leave BU after last year, and he declined.  Now, however, there really is no reason for Alex to stay.  He improved each season at BU, and earned the right to wear an A on his sweater for the 2011-2012 season.  His game, mental ability, and maturity are all right where they need to be in order for Alex to succeed at the professional level.  

2.) I'd be relatively surprised if Adam Clendening didn't sign with the Blackhawks in the coming weeks. The sophomore D-man had a stellar year manning the blue line for the Terriers, and while I think he needs to improve in his own end, he's definitely got NHL level talent.  Moreover, I think he thinks he is ready to make the jump, and that counts for more than anything.  Also important to remember that there was rampant speculation that Adam's father disapproved of his choice to play college hockey over major juniors.  Outside pressures could very well be at play here as well.

3.)  Both Wade Megan and Matt Nieto had outstanding seasons for the Terriers in 2011-2012.  However, I feel that there's a pretty good chance both will be back at BU in the fall.  Wade led the team with 20 goals, but only tallied 9 assists.  While he is willing to get his nose dirty and grind along the boards, I definitely think Wade would benefit from another year filling out his frame and working on his two way play.  Matt, on the other hand, probably has all the skills necessary to go pro.  He was second on the team in overall scoring, and was arguably the most exciting Terrier to watch when he was on the ice.  But the Sharks have not been overly aggressive in trying to pry Matt off of Commonwealth Avenue, and I think he will go the Nick Bonino route and play a third season at BU.

4) Garrett Noonan made a HUGE leap from his freshman year as a Terrier, and he was rewarded with a solid stat line and lots of ice time.  However, I think he would benefit from at least one more year at BU, if not two.  His goal output this season was prolific for a D-man, but he probably could use some time working on his own zone.  Plus, Garrett is one of those guys who relishes donning the scarlet and white. You can tell that playing at BU is fulfilling a lifelong dream, and I don't think he wants to see that end quite yet.


  1. I don't think Noonan is going anywhere until he gets a beanpot trophy.

  2. I have to say there's something to be said for that

  3. I think Noonan will be gone, I also think Megan is a serious flight risk, Courtnall, while he needs seasoning, plays too rough and physical a game for college so based on that I think he may leave as well. Neito has a breakout year on I give him a 75% chance of saying goodbye too.

  4. I'd say you've got a chance of being right on all of that except for Courtnall. I'd bet my house that he's around next year. Captain material for sure, and he needs to hone his skills before trying to make the jump.

  5. GW, Sorry to disagree but I can't come close to seeing Courtnall as captain. Aside from the fact that he can't skate very well (does make up for that in hustle), he takes nasty aggressive and injury type penalties way too often. He got tossed form three games this season for that alone. There were several others that he could have been tossed for but the refs decided not to or didn't see it. That is NOT captain material. Lead by proactive positive example, not with your elbows or stick way too much and costing the team. Too out of control for true leadership.

    I would see Megan (if he stays which I don't see happening) as Captain. I would also seriously consider the following guys for "A"s based upon leadership ability not necessarily point production or flash: Gaudet (if he comes back) for his continual desire and effort , Rosen for hustle, maturity and team focus (BTW he was the top face off guy at the end of season, who would have thought that?), Nieto for quiet type of get it done leadership. Just my opinion

    1. You have to remember that Courtnall wore an A this year for a reason - his teammates respect him on and off the ice. His play set the tone in a number of games, and his physicality was a crucial part of their success this season.

    2. GW, I'm not saying he wasn't liked by his teammates, but as a captain and leader, you have to be the one to hold yourself above the fray, not be the cause of it. If he was tossed once due to this kind of action, call it a dumb play and that's it. He was thrown out of games three times this season for the same kind of injurious actions which in turn, cost his team on the ice. That is not the path and nature of a leader. The C and A are supposed to be above that and hold that kind of player accountable for it, not be the play who does it.

  6. Base case scenario: only the seniors, obviously, & Alex Chiasson is gone.
    Worst case scenario: Seniors, Chiasson, Nieto, Megan, Clendening & maybe Nooñan.

    All in all it is just like 2 years ago when Shatty and C. Cohen were toss ups on if they were going or not. Bonino, that year, was going no matter what. It doesn't help when we lost 2 non-senior players during the year to stock up for next year.

  7. If you take a look at Florida for Megan and Tampa for Courtnall. Neither organization lists them as top prospects. Just at collegiate forwards, Florida has drafted Drew Shore, Nick Bjugstad, and Kyle Rau along with Connor Brickley. That is excluding prospects from other leagues and this website( doesn't list Megan in Florida's top 20 prospects. Sorry but if you're not a top 20 prospect, they're not going to push you that hard.

    Courtnall is in the same boat with Tampa on this website ( I would be shocked if both weren't back with Courtnall wearing a letter and possibly Megan too.

    Noonan will be back too especially when you look at this quote from their GM on college guys coming out "We think that at least one guy is going to come out of school at the end of this season. In our conversations and routine check-ins, he’s expressed interest in coming out and we think his timing is right for him. There’s a second guy who at the end of the year we’ll approach and see if he’s ready, as well. We like to look more long-term with our prospects, so there’s a process to their development; we want them to be ready when they leave school, we want them to be comfortable with the decision. At the end of the day it is their decision, but we’ll weigh-in on whether we feel they are ready or whether we feel they might be best served by remaining in school." It is safe to bet that Noonan wasn't the one guy and would be a guy who would want to stay here for atleast one more year.

    Chiasson is obviously gone and I would say Clendening is probably 60-40 to leaving. I think Nieto stays even though he is one of San Jose's top prospects because they tend to let guys develop on someone else's dime and it is very similar to a Bonino situation.

  8. Chiasson signed, sealed and delivered... Bye Alex, good luck!!!!

  9. Nieto is the Bonino situation all over again. QQ is right that they let players develop on other peoples dime. Also good luck to Chiasson. Wasnt a big fan of him but this year made me into a believer in his skills.

    Keep in mind most of the players are kept in lower leagues to improve their skills and kept there until they are needed in the AHL unless they are like Paul Kariya or something like that