Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Do You Have What It Takes to Write a Guest Blog for the BSRS?

Alright people, here is the deal.  We know most of our readers are huge BU hockey fans.  We know some of you write your own blogs for fun, or tweet about BU hockey, or have heated discussions with your friends about the team.  That being the case, we want you guys to write your own personal takes on the 2011-2012 men's hockey team and submit them to us.

Yes, we'll even let you pick your own cool blogger name. Yes, you can brag to your friends how the BSRS picked your post (if we do pick it).  No, you cannot become best friends with us (we do, however, reserve our right to change our minds about that. Looking at you, Drew Salad).

It doesn't matter if you've never written a blog before, or written about hockey before, or anything.  Just write up your posts in a word document, and e-mail them as an attachment to our e-mail address (  We aren't setting a limit as to how many we'll post, it just depends on how many we like.  It could be 1, it could be 20.

Try and have them submitted by, say, this Saturday (March 31) at midnight.  No word limit, no page limit, no minimum either. However long you want it to be is cool with us.

We're serious about this guys - we wanna see what you've got!


  1. Would interviews with the guys count as a guest post?

  2. haha if the interviews were about their feelings on this past season, then yes. for sure

  3. Ill do a game recap or something