Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mr. WorldWide Mens NCAA Hockey Predictions

I am not as smart as QuackQuack with the picks (he does research, not kidding) and I don't believe in coin flips unless tails is on both sides of the coin. So I predicting based on mascots of the teams. Very legit.


Eagles (BC) vs. Falcons (Air Force) ----> Falcons everyday twice on Sundays
Bulldogs (Min-Dul) vs. Black Bears (Maine) ----> Bulldogs (Soft Spot for Dogs)
-----------> Bulldogs vs. Falcons ----> Bulldogs

Sioux (N.Dakota) vs. Buster Bronco (W. Michigan) ----> Sioux name is in court... So Buster Bronco it is.
Terriers (BU) vs. Gophers (Minnesota) ----> Terriers, come on man.
-----------> Terriers vs. Buster Bronco --------> What The Hell is A Buster Bronco, Go Terriers!!!!!!

Dutchmen (Union) vs. Spartans (Michigan St) ----> Dutchman, nice name
RedHawks (Mia OH) vs. Riverhawk (UM-L) ----> "What's a Riverhawk?".... So Red Hawks
------------> Redhawks vs. Dutchmen--------> Redhawks

Bulldogs (Ferris St) vs. Pioneers (Denver) ---> Pioneers, no reasoning.
Big Red (Cornell) vs. Wolverines (Michigan) ----> What is Big Red? Someone please explain that to me. Wolves win
-----------> Wolverines vs. Pioneers ----------> Wolverines

Frozen Four:
Terriers vs. Bulldogs------> Terriers have better heritage in dog breeds. Go BU!
RedHawks vs. Wolverines------> Wolverines are cooler.

National Champ' Game:
Terriers vs. Wolverines ---------------------------> Terriers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BU!

Also QuackQuack didn't throw this in: 

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