Wednesday, March 21, 2012

QQ's Bracket Predictions

So I have been waiting to fill out my bracket since I am the master of college hockey brackets (I picked 3/4 of last year's Frozen Four correctly - in February). Now for this year, I plan on getting all 4 correct along with the champion and make everyone else look foolish.

Northeast (Worcester)

1. BC vs. 4. Air Force- BC is too hot for Air Force despite the Falcons having a history of knocking off top seeds in the tourny. BC wins 4-2

2. Minnesota-Duluth vs 3. Maine- This will be an interesting matchup as the whole state of Maine will drive their houses down to Worcester for the weekend. This game depends on the health of Spencer Abbott who suffered a head injury head butting Sean Escobedo's arm this weekend as he lost an edge. I think Duluth is too good either way. I'll assume Abbott plays though and say UMD wins 5-3 behind 2 from Jack Connolly.

1. BC vs 2 UMD- This will be a huge game as the last 2 national champions face off for a bid to the Frozen Four. UMD takes it just because BC has to cool off at some point and Duluth can beat BC if they don't bring their "A" game. UMD wins 5-4(OT)

West (St. Paul)

1. North Dakota vs 4. Western Michigan
- I want to pick Western Michigan so badly but I have to go with North Dakota and Brock Nelson here. Just too much talent even if they are looking ahead to a Minnesota rematch. I'll be in St. Paul for this game and think it should be a close one. UND wins 4-3

2. Minnesota vs 3. BU- Now I think everyone knows where I am going with this one. Minnesota is so focused on UND they will be looking ahead to the next game. They don't have enough skill to beat BU without bringing their "A" game. BU wins 5-3. I should have a full preview up tomorrow.

1 UND vs 3 BU- North Dakota is skilled but this BU team will be in a hostile crowd which should feed into the focus that this team thrives on.  After all, they are undefeated outside of Boston in 2012. BU wins 4-3

East (Bridgeport)

1. Union vs 4 Michigan St.- The EZAC sucks and that is all this pick is really based off of. This is Sparta! MSU wins 4-1.

2. Miami vs 3 Lowell- Miami has the 2nd best goalie in the tourny besides Millan and Lowell is free-falling as of late especially with the Whetmore injury. Miami wins 3-1.

2 Miami vs 4 MSU- Miami returns to the Frozen 4 for the first time since 09 on their quest to get that elusive first NCAA title. Miami 4-2.

Midwest (Green Bay)

1. Michigan vs 4 Cornell
- Here is my upset of the tournament. The EZAC sucks but Cornell can play behind Andy Iles in goal so I expect an upset of Red Berenson's team here in the first round. Cornell 4-3.

2. Ferris State vs 3 Denver- Denver could have to dress 2 forwards as D-men in this game and I don't believe they can overcome that against Ferris. Ferris wins 3-2(OT)

4. Cornell vs 2 Ferris State- Cornell pulls another upset and clinches a bid to the Frozen 4 behind a strong effort from Iles. 2-1 Cornell.

Frozen Four

Cornell vs Miami- I think Miami continues the quest past Cornell here. Their weak conference schedule finally catches up with them here. Miami wins 4-2.

BU vs Minnesota-Duluth- The battle of the Connolly brothers here as the two senior captains square off. Obviously BU wins as mullets are more powerful that mohawks. BU wins 5-4 (OT)

NC game BU vs Miami- BU is up 3-1 with a minute to go and Miami scores with 35 seconds left only to be denied the rest of the game because BU is not full of a team of choke artists like Miami in 09. BU wins 3-2. This is not biased, it's just true.

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