Thursday, August 23, 2012

Buccigross Barked Up the Wrong Tree

So Monday night, John Buccigross (@Buccigross) tweeted out a message about needing some questions for his mailbag he does for the NHL portion of Accordingly, I emailed him a question about college hockey or 'cawlidge hawkey' as he likes to say it on twitter. The question was an early prediction, on his part, for the 2013 Frozen Four. Obviously, I was looking for a positive response (GO BU) since last year he predicted BU in the championship game against Miami of Ohio when the brackets were announced.

BUT Bucci as his fans call him did the complete opposite:

Hey, John!

The question for you is: Which teams will make the 2013 Frozen Four?
Long Island
Boston College, Western Michigan, Minnesota and North Dakota.
Total disrespect but whatever I was helping him out since I enjoy his tweets and his #BuccigrossOvertimeChallenge. Just thought this was news for you. All is good between me and him besides that pick. 

Also found this gem today on twitter (Just make believe Trivino & Max isn't there if thats your thing).

PS- Scooby is funny as fuck. 

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