Monday, October 15, 2012

Cawlidge Hawkey Power Rankings: 10/15/12

Here's the first in a series for the season which probably will go from blogger to blogger between weeks, but here's my take on how the Hockey East teams are shaking out after finally playing some real games.

1.  BU - BS(R)S consensus number one holds serve at home.  If Providence is as good as we think, this could be a sign of good things to come as the offense solidifies and the O'Guires become more confident in the net.

2. Northmostern - Any team that beats Newton CC deserves props in my book, if only temporarily.  Granted at least two goals were soft or fluky, any defense only yielding 1 to the Eaglets has a shot to really make noise in this league.  Merrimack win was nice too

3. UNH - Despite what Dick Umile might say, TVR will only be the best D-Man in HEA if Noonsy and Ruhwedel meet tragic ends.  That said he's a heckuva player and the 'Cats picked up a couple nice wins vs. middling SCSU.

4.  BC - Loss to NU was against a decent team amped up for their home opener.  Need to be able to score on goalies of Rawlings' caliber going forward though.

5. PC - Definitely looked competitive against BU, with a couple of solid down low goals.  Could end up a few spots higher than this.

6. Merrimack - Two-faced team.  Loss at NU, Win at Union.  Will  need a few more weeks to get a read on these guys

7. UMass-Lowest - High expectations entering a season have troubled this team before (see 2009-10).  I'd definitely start worrying if their offense only put up a goal against Vermont down the street from Christian Bale's crack den from The Fighter.

8. Maine - A one-goal win against Army does not bode well for the Black Bears and Joey "Sent To The Locker Room" Diamond

9. Vermont - Props for tying Lowell, Sneddon surely was happy to see his team show signs of life

10. UMass-The One Near Yankee Candle - Taking care of business at the Bill vs. UConn.  YAWN.  Call me if you beat BC next week.

...aaaaaaaannnnndddd nationally.

1. Minnesota - The Gophs look frighteningly good.
2. NoDak - Hopefully they haven't all died of alcohol poisoning
3. Miami - Looks like goalie situation will be just fine
4. Denver
5. Cornell - I'm sure I'll hear from QQ for putting an EZAC team up here
6. BU - Still undefeated!
7. BC - These guys suck.  Will drop further next week.  Losers.
8. Michigan - Thanks for the negative fantasy points Rutledge.  Asshole.
9. Union - Decent bounceback over weekend
10. Notre Dame - Nice wins at the IceBreaker

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