Sunday, October 7, 2012

NFL Pick 'Em Week 5

Welcome to Mister Worldwide's Pick 'Em. I'll give it another goal to get the week 100% correct. So shall we:

  • Mia vs. Cincy: Cincy should prevail. I like the overall feel for this team. Passing game is nice with Dalton and Green. Also the defense is underrated. And Miami just sucks. 
  • GB vs. Indy: GB is just too talented to lose away against Luck and the Colts. Expect a big game by Rodgers and Co. 
  • Ravens vs. KC: Ravens are my super bowl pick so I obviously going to say they wil every game against lesser opponents. 
  • Atlanta vs. Washington: Atlanta looks like the team to beat in the NFC South this year. I expect them to continue their form against RG3 and Co.
  • Cleveland vs. NYG: Giants are home. They need this game to right the ship and I expect them to do so.  And Browns just suck.
  • Philly vs Steelers: Battle of PA. Steelers should have most of their defense going today. Steelers win and break a Mike Vick rib.
  • Seattle vs. Carolina: toss a coin and see what happens. I think the coin says Seattle. They need the game more to stay in touch with the surprising NFC West. 
  • Chicago vs. Jacksonville: Chicago should win this game but I don't think so. Jags with an upset. 
  • Tenn. vs. Minni: 2-3 years ago this game would be all about Chris Johnson and AP now the focus is on young QBs trying to make a name for themselves. Vikings have better pieces in their team. Viks win by a few. 
  • Denver vs. New England: Brady VS Manning. Manning VS Brady.  I DONT CARE. Denver wins.
  • Buffalo vs SF: SF made me cry last week when they just destroyed the Jets. SF are ready to put a string of wins together and it continues this week.
  • SD vs NOLA: I going with SD. I think NOLA is a big mess and nothing will be done about until next year. Also Congrats to Brees when he breaks the record.
  • Houston vs NYJ: Yeah I expect Tebow chants by midway 2nd quater. I also expect a win by the Jets. Jets have always given the Texans fits historically and history does tend to repeat itself.  
PS: I've been surprised I have kept up with this. You should too. 

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